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The Inner Workings of Internet Telephony

The use or operation of phones is known as telephony.Internet telephony refers to lots of services over the internet.The services include transmission of video fax and voice. VoIP that means voice over internet protocol, VoBB that stands for voice over broad band, IP telephony and broadband telephony are some of the names of internet telephony. Depending on the service for each this names differ.

There are various ways in which internet telephony can be used.The software and hardware requirements differ. An internet connection is necessary while using internet telephony. From pc to pc internet telephony is used whereby users communicate with their computers in diverse ways like Yahoo messenger, AOL instant messenger and skype. For instant messaging, there is also textbook. All these services are free of charge.Pc to phone is one other way in which internet telephony is used. This is whereby calls are made from computers to mobile phone between persons.This service is not free.This is very convenient as you can make calls to any part of the world. Fax transmission is sent to a physical machine through pc to fax. It is significant to note that not all fax information is faxed through internet telephony.You can also use internet telephony from phone to phone. Internet telephony use has its gains and drawbacks. Below are the disadvantages and advantages.

Low cost is one of the internet telephony benefits.It is very cheap to use internet telephony because most of the services of internet are free and those that are not the fee is very little.You can also transmit and watch videos through internet telephony which makes it easy for people to watch all the movies they want online. Another advantage of internet telephony is that it is moveable. A laptop or a phone and an internet connection is all you need to use internet telephony anywhere such as the airport, restaurant and library.

Internet telephony is also nice because it has lots of free features such as caller id, call forwarding and call waiting. None the less internet telephony has some shortcomings such as electricity. Use of power is a must with internet telephony.When there is no electricity then the connections are lost. This is not like in traditional phones that work with or without electricity. When using internet telephony 911 services are not easy to get as your call might not show you location. Because the VoIP company 911 is not able to trace your location. Another small disadvantage is the sound quality because the sound is not clear.
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